plaza real bareclona

A Little Adrift… Dispatch from Barcelona: Finding Home

Finding a way to stop traveling has been an evolving process. When I booked that one-way flight ten years ago, a year of travel loomed before me, an epic round-the-world trip that would fulfill my dreams to see more of the world while also preparing me to contentedly return to Los Angeles at the end. …

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la Boqueria market Barcelona

A Little Reflection… Lost in the Streets and Stories of Spain

Since childhood Spain pulled my focus and imagination. I studied my history books and learned about the country’s role in early exploration. I lamented the nuances of the Spanish language as my high school brain battled to grasp so.many.tenses. I often plopped myself on my bed and gave intense focus to the photographs of the art …

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Gelato in Italy

A Little Mash Up… It’s Always Gelato-O’Clock in Italy

For no particular reason my mind wandered toward Italian gelato earlier this week, (not an abnormal occurrence in Shannon-land) and as I sat there daydreaming pangs of nostalgia for Italian ice-cream surfaced and I thought, you know what, I need take this gelato love-fest out of my head and share it with you. So without …

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blasket islands ireland

A Little Travel Memory… An Important Lesson in Hiking Etiquette

Sometimes joy and fun in an experience is directly proportional to how difficult it is… …the short hike to the lookout point for the Blasket Islands in southern Ireland is one of those circumstances. It was cold and windy for my driving/hiking adventure and with the ever-present misting Irish rain a constant companion every time I …

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A Little Perspective… What Does Cuba Look Like Now?

You know that idyllic image of American life in the 1950s? You know the one I mean: Neat yards aligned up and down the streets of pretty suburbs, complete with white picket fences and neighbors pruning their roses while tossing friendly hellos to passerby? I wasn’t alive back then, so I don’t know how much …

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A Little Travel Memory… That Tree Has Something to Say

Walking the wooden boardwalks around Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia I looked up and saw this dead tree with a very clear thought bubble  painted across the sky by mother nature; like something out of a comic book. What would a tree say? Even more pointedly, what would a dead tree say on a …

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