Yangshuo light show China

A Little Light Show… Harmonizing Nature and Theatre in Yangshuo

Murmurings from the large audience hushed as a clear and open darkness dropped over our outdoor theatre. The silence was far from absolute though as a breeze swept nearby leaves into a quiet song, a gentle lapping of water, and eventually the sweet notes of a string instrument drifting up from the distant water as the …

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woman in rural china

A Little Photo Essay… My 15 Favorite Pictures of Rural China

China was a country that challenged me as a traveler, there were food issues, language barriers, and physical limitations because the country is huge. China is a seriously large country with lyrically pretty cityscapes and landscapes; from the wide multi-lane highways of impersonal Beijing to the sparkle of Shanghai, as is often the case, it’s …

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chinese steamed dumplings

A Little Food… Vegetarian Survival Guide to China

My stomach was growling after hours spent roaming the palaces and gardens China’s ancient Forbidden City. Hungry, we nearly missed the hole in the wall dumpling shop because of the steam fogging up the glass, almost obscuring the overflow of diners wedged around the shop’s tiny tables. It was a standing-room only establishment and my …

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Great Wall of China

A Little Advice… The Best Spots to Visit The Great Wall of China

Sharp, cold air hit my face as the first views of the Great Wall of China appeared over the treetops. The chairlift crested the forested hillside and shot straight ahead toward the looming rock wall. It’s spring in China and warm air is still months away. The mountains are barren, just a hint of dull green …

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A Little Revelation… Traveling versus, well, Traveling

I wrote this post two weeks ago as I was sitting on the airplane on my way to China and feel like it’s a great way to kick off the coming posts about my whirlwind travels through Beijing, Yangshuo, and Shanghai. Groggy from the rude awakening blaring out of my alarm clock at 4:30am it …

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