Mother Georgia: A sign of Georgian Hospitality

A Little Hospitality… A Guest is a Gift from God

A throaty tenor danced across the inky night, joined moments later by a chorus of lighter voices. The empty footpath widened as I approached the Kartlis Deda statue. The disembodied voices echoed across the cool night. Lit in soft green, Mother Georgia towered above me. The nearby voices lifted in perfect harmony, swelling as the ethereal melody penetrated …

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Traveling Georgia: What to Know and Where to Go

Republic of Georgia Travel Guide

The resilience of the Georgian spirit shapes my favorite aspects of traveling there. Throughout history, this tiny country has offered the world everything from cowboys to wine. This is one of the most unexpectedly lovely countries that I have encountered on my travels. I spent the bulk of my time in the capital, and Tbilisi won …

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Architecture in Tbilisi, Georgia

A Little Charm… Things You’ll Fall in Love with in Tbilisi, Georgia

Maybe it was the wine. Or perhaps it was the latticed balconies? The unfettered hospitality played a part. And the idyllic scenery was persuasive. For the life of me, I can’t pin down precisely what made Tbilisi, Georgia so charming. Since I left the country in late October, I took on the mantle of fangirl for the Republic of Georgia …

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