A Little Transportation… You’d Never Do that Back Home!

An internal debate wages on for the brief seconds it takes me to decide to ignore my dad’s chirping voice of caution in my head. Instead, I hoist my backpack over the tailgate of the truck and then hoist myself over said tailgate. The truck engine rumbles to a start and the 15 other backpackers …

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Panoramic view over the Tikal ruins and jungle in Guatemala

A Little Wander… Exploring Guatemala’s Tikal Ruins & Wildlife

The sounds of wildlife are what sold me on visiting the ruins of Tikal in Guatemala. Our small group of backpackers had started our guided tour with pattering feet and chatter while we entered the jungle, until our guide, Luis, abruptly halted us. He held up a single hand to silence the group—a mere formality …

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A Little Issue… Am I Allergic to Belize?

You know how that phrase, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry?” Yeah, that about sums up most of my time in Belize and my major plans for the country. I have read absolutely fabulous things about the diving in Belize. The Blue Hole has been on my bucket list for …

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Belizean Culture

A Little Relaxation… Examining Belize’s Unique Culture

A new country for me is all about the people and the culture. Although I love seeing major iconic sights—they are popular for a reason, after all!—my conversations with locals, immersive traveling, and off-the-path volunteering have proven my most transformative travel experiences. Perhaps it’s this very reason why Belize caught me off guard. My expectations …

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chicken bus chetumal belize

A Little Confusion… The Mexico to Belize Border Crossing at Chetumal

Given how popular this border crossing is, and the sheer lack of information, below I’ve outlined precise details on how to manage this crossing in the wake of Covid restrictions. The pandemic changed the entire process of crossing from Chetumal to destinations in Belize. And while the Covid restrictions have eased, you should still know …

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chichen itza maya ruins

A Little History… Exploring the Chichén Itzá Maya Ruins

The ruins of Chichén Itzá were my first stop on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. As the first set of Maya ruins I had visited (way back in 2010 for the first time), I have to say, they’re quite a bit different from the temples architecture of Southeast Asia , which I had spent years …

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hammock beach mexico

A Little Haiku… First Days in Mexico and an Ode to the Cold Shower

Happy Sunday all! I’m going out of contact for the next week but have some stories lined up from recent and past travels—I won’t be responding to comments until I get back from a certain place in the Caribbean that I’m *not* visiting (wink, wink), but don’t let that stop you from sharing thoughts and …

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