A Little Photoessay… Two Weeks of Nuance & Culture in Japan

The chaos of Tokyo crashed over me in waves when I first landed in Japan. I had booked my tickets on a whim—I found an affordable last-minute flight and jumped at the opportunity. Luckily, I had time to secure a Japan Rail pass, which allowed me to zip around the country on the speedy Shinkansen …

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Traveling Japan: What to Know and Where to Go

Japan Travel Guide

Japan is a fascinating place. It’s a country thriving on contradictions. Japan’s gorgeous ancient history is present, and it lives alongside space-age technology and development. This is a thoroughly modern country that looks nothing like the West. The Japanese have cultivated a strong national identity that is only enhanced by modern technology. From robots at restaurants …

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A Little Story… And the Case for Planning a Trip to Nepal

The first strings of a melody slid into the corners of the room as the musician strummed her guitar. The nearby interpretive dancer stood frozen in place, eyes cast upward as she waited for her cue. The tiny grandma behind me bobbed from side-to-side over my shoulder, attempting to see past my tall frame. I slouched deeper into my …

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