Palaces of Udaipur

A Little Exploration… The Beautiful Palaces of Udaipur, India

Udaipur is oozed charm and I found it delightful. The streets maze through the city, towering buildings blotting out the sun. We found a gorgeous guesthouse, a new friend at the shop next door, and a good pace of life. I loved it enough to spend several extra days in the city, spending a week …

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Udaipur City, India

A Little Charm… Wedding Fun in the City of Lakes and Palaces

My time in India didn’t start on the right foot. I landed in a massive city, Mumbai, and I didn’t have my wits about me enough to understand where I needed to be cautious. From there, Ahmedabad lacked charm but it was nice to visit Gandhi’s ashram and learn more about his life. When I …

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Culture shock in Mumbai

A Little Lesson… Culture Shock & Scams My First Days in Mumbai

Arriving in India after backpacking Southeast Asia shocked my senses. Traveling for those weeks gave me a sense of rhythm to the region and I had just begun to figure it out. I knew the cultural nuances, had figured out the lay of the land, and I enjoyed traveling with my friend Laura. Landing in …

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A Little Guide… Celebrate Holi & Jaipur’s Elephant Festival in India

India’s Festival of Colors, was tops at my list of travel experiences when I planned my round the world trip. I love festivals, it’s such a beautiful, vibrant way to experience a culture. The rainbow of colors streaking radiantly happy faces during Holi stuck a chord with me. The subcontinent is a huge place though, and …

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