A Little Adventure… Rafting & Spirituality on the Mother Ganges

Is any trip to India complete without a trip to see the sacred Mother Ganges? This famous river winds through the country, giving life to northern towns and accepting life at Varanasi, where the ghats sit on the banks of India’s holy Ganges River. After nearly two months in India, it was time to make …

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Things to do in McLeod Ganj, India

A Little Lhasa… 6 Things to Visit in the Tibetan Town of McLeod Ganj, India

The bus skirted the mountainside as my cousin and I traveled toward Dharamsala, India. In my many weeks backpacking through India, this past week had begun the tour of subgroups and other cultures strongly present within India. En route to visit Dharamsala—or, more accurately the small town of McLeod Ganj—I stopped for several nights in …

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View of Pushkar and Sacred Lake from Brahma's Temple

A Little Sunset… Hiking to Brahma’s Temple & Battling Monkeys

Monkeys in India are unkind. In fact, as cute as they may look from afar, they are downright nasty. Monkeys don’t wander the mountains and towns back home in Florida, so I didn’t realize that it’s not fun and quirky to encounter a monkey while traveling, it can be harrowing. What would have been a …

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Taking a camel safari in Pushkar, India

A Little Adventure… Taking a Camel Safari into Pushkar’s Desert

The dilapidated bus that was to be our next means of transportation was my next “welcome to India moment.” The first was the commuter train from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. In this case, the bus has seen more days on this earth than I have, and the last paint job was administered around the time I weaned …

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Rose garden in Udaipur, India

A Little Pacing… The Art of Taking it Slow in Udaipur

Pacing long-term travel is difficult. It’s not something I anticipated in my many pre-travel worries. I worried about my route, about the culture shock, about a million other tiny details. And yet I didn’t anticipate what it would be like to constantly move. I didn’t realize that being unmoored from a single spot is disorienting. …

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indian man drinks chai

A Little History… Here’s Why Indians Drink So Much Chai Tea!

Landing in Udaipur and staying for a week was a needed treat in these weeks and months of rapid travel and newness every morning when I face the day. I landed in Mumbai and startled at the lessons I had to learn about this complex country. Social norms here are different, expectations, interactions, cultures, and …

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