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A Little Advice… Here’s What It’s Like Living in Costa Rica

Dreaming of living in a place with a low cost of living, warm weather, diverse natural beauty, and a stable political climate? Many expats wonder how to lower their cost of living by moving overseas for retirement, or as a digital nomad. Costa Rica may just tick that box more than anywhere else in Central …

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A Little Advice… Here’s What It’s Like Living in Spain

Spain is one of those countries that many first visit during a study abroad program or on a train trip through Europe. Once you’ve spent even a few days here, it’s easy to wonder if living is Spain is as alluring as it is to travel here. Should you pack up your life and move …

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Naga serpent angkor wat cambodia

Cambodia Travel Guide

A small country with a violent past, Cambodia is best known for the ruins of the Khmer Empire located at Angkor Wat. But the country offers a lot more than that to the backpacker or traveler willing to bid adieu to the well-run efficiency of tourism in most of Thailand, and instead experience off-the-beaten path …

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Laos Travel Guide

Snuggly situated between the neighboring countries of China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar, is one of Southeast Asia’s most underrated places to visit. A landlocked country often overlooked for the shiny beaches of Thailand, the renown cuisine in Vietnam, or the ancient temples in Cambodia, traveling through Laos remains among my favorite travel experiences in …

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Best Books to Read Before Going to Ireland

With a last name like O’Donnell, there was no chance that I would escape childhood without my Irish roots surfacing in various ways. Long before I made my first trip to Ireland, my parents and grandparents fed me a steady diet of the greatest Irish authors of all time. By the time I reached adulthood, …

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photos of the best non-fiction books about spain

Books to Read Before Visiting Spain

If you’re heading to Spain, then you should use the incredible trove of fascinating books about this beautiful country to get you up to speed on the history, culture, and people. Spain is not only big, but it has a complicated past and a similarly complicated current era. With people alive today still remembering Franco …

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chitwan national park conservation

14 Best Things to Do in Nepal

Nepal is an absolute gem for those seeking a blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and adrenaline-inducing adventure. This mystical land boasts a history as intriguing as its landscape and culture, which are steeped in Hinduism, Buddhism, and other ancient traditions. As a spiritual and cultural hub of Southeast Asia, Nepal plays host to some …

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How to eat vegetarian in Vietnam

How to Eat Vegetarian Food in Vietnam

There is very little comprehensive information online about eating vegetarian in Vietnam. Other vegetarian and vegan guides left out pivotal information. Even worse, some online guides are wildly optimistic and will lead you astray if you travel off of the banana pancake trail. In fact, these guides did lead me astray during my three months …

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