A Little Art… A Gorgeous Pre-Islamic Mural in Jordan

The air around me was cool and damp, the kind of pervasive dampness only found in old spaces, spaces locked off from human habitation for decades, centuries even. On every wall, remnants of an ancient culture depicted animals, kings, triumphs, and women, lots of women. We had visited several desert castles in Jordan that day, and Quseir Amra was …

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visiting petra jordan monastery

A Little Photo Essay… 6 Insta-Worthy Jumping Spots in Jordan

The wackiest ideas are often born from a single comment, an off-handed remark meant as a joke but then expanded into a full-fledged idea. This is precisely the case with my decision to make some Instagram-worthy photos and jump around Jordan. My very first day in the country, fellow travel blogger Jodi joked about my …

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Hercules' Hand at the Citadel in Amman, Jordan

A Little Perspective… How Big is the Hand of Hercules?

One of my favorite photos from my Jordan travels is this photo of the hand of Hercules laying on the ground on a hilltop in Amman, Jordan. In fact, one day I might frame it because looking at it sets my imagination wandering. The first person I showed it to was mostly unimpressed, asking “It looks …

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A Little Vignette… Smiles, and the Nature of Memory

I find it hard to describe the way my memories often work—I remember experiences as if a single Polaroid photo was taken of each event. Sometimes, mini vignettes play out and conversations echo around the central snapshot memory; rarely the whole event, instead brief and often times quite inconsequential moments. My earliest childhood memories standout in …

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Baby camel in Wadi Rum Desert

A Little Story… Of Camels, Culture, and Jordan’s Bedouin

Unrelenting Indian sun bounced off the yellow sand, sneaking under my hat and slowly tinting my skin red as I cautiously posed next to my camel for a photo-opportunity. Before my brain even registered the aggressive nip Krishna the camel aimed in my direction, my guide intercepted, creating a needed wall of safety between me …

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