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A Little Confession… The Panic Attacks Have Started

I had a total meltdown today. It was almost like a temper tantrum fueled by fear and overwhelm. I started crying for no definable reason. It turned into the ugly sobbing. I chalk this crying-jag up to pre-trip stress. It’s just… today I felt the full force of my decision to travel. I am leaving all …

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A Little Confession… Navigating a Pre-Trip Freak Out

In these early months of starting this blog, it’s been a struggle to decide how I want to share the process of planning for this round the world trip. Where is the line between sharing the journey and going too far into the personal? There are few others who have shared a trip like this …

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A Little Inspiration… My “Aha Moment” on Leaving to Travel

A single, repeated question has come to me from people on all sides of me these past months. My parents, my friends, the clerk at the outdoors store. Whenever the topic of my pending RTW is broached, I am asked: What made me decide to quit my life in LA? There’s an implied question about why …

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