A Little Sweet… Six Fun Treats from Around the World

When you travel the world, you discover all kinds of new things: new dishes, new festivals, new cultures, new friends. The list is endless—it’s a parade of new things. Include sweet treats! Sure, over the years I’ve found my favorite signature dishes that I will forever love thanks to sampling them in a new country—some …

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Traditional Turkish coffee in Sarajevo, Bosnia

A Little Travel Memory… My Big Bosnian Coffee Blunder

I winced as I took my first sip of the jet-black Bosnian coffee—it was certainly not your average American brew! My couchsurfing hosts in Sarajevo, Furkan and his roommates Anida and Sidak, decided that I couldn’t leave Sarajevo without stopping in the Turkish quarter for a traditional Bosnian coffee complete with Turkish Delight. They were …

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California Saltwater Taffy

A Little Travel Memory… Sampling California’s Saltwater Taffy

I’m a chocoholic. That is a fact of life I have come to accept; if there is any choice between cake, hard-candies, or really any sweet and chocolate—chocolate wins by a landslide. Now, in all that lead-up, I have to admit that I betrayed my love-affair with chocolate for the saltwater taffy of Northern California …

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valhalla macadamia nuts antigua

A Little Food…Macadamia Nuts and a Slice of the Expat Lifestyle

The chicken bus bumped to a stop in front of the Valhalla Macadamia Nut Farm and I got my first glimpse of the expat lifestyle for Emily and Lorenzo, an expat couple that have created an entire non-profit movement in the region toward sustainable farming. The farm is about 15 minutes outside Antigua and fully …

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A coffee farm tour outside of Antigua, Guatemala

A Little Aroma… Learning the Art of Coffee in Antigua, Guatemala

A fantasy series that I read and loved use a phrase that drove the heroine throughout the novels: all knowledge is worth having. The idea resonated deeply since closely echoes my own approach to life. I love to learn. Learning was a driving force for taking my round the world trip, and I love sharing …

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A Little Explanation… Why I’m a “Don’t Ask” Vegetarian

I won’t say that it’s the most asked question I get when I’m on the road, but it certainly ranks right up there in the top ten, perhaps after the standard “where are you from?” and “how long are you traveling for?” People want to know why I’m vegetarian. And not just why, but also …

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