Gelato in Italy

A Little Mash Up… It’s Always Gelato-O’Clock in Italy

For no particular reason my mind wandered toward Italian gelato earlier this week, (not an abnormal occurrence in Shannon-land) and as I sat there daydreaming pangs of nostalgia for Italian ice-cream surfaced and I thought, you know what, I need take this gelato love-fest out of my head and share it with you. So without …

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Thai chili peppers drying in sun

A Little Question… Can You Retrain Your Taste Buds?

I hated mushrooms as a child…and calling them fungi didn’t help much, the texture was odd, they come in funny colors, and they’re relatively tasteless. The mushrooms were just the beginning though, add to those a long litany of other fresh fruits and vegetables that found a home on my “does-not-pass-my-lips” list.

Fast forward to my college years, and suddenly the “veggie option” when dinning with friends was a huge seasoned mushroom plopped onto my plate like the limp slab of fungus it was. And I ate it, especially if someone else had just cooked it for me. And at some point, it just wasn’t that bad anymore.

manakish bread zaatar jordan

A Little Spice… Taste Buds and the Global Palate

As an American I get the best of many worlds in terms of food—we have a diverse immigrant culture in the United States and nearly every small town has its token ethnic restaurants: Thai/Indian/Middle Eastern/Mexican/Italian/Cuban. On the flip side, those mom-and-pop shops are perched alongside America’s huge national restaurant chains often serving up barely seasoned, run-of-the-mill generic dishes designed …

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chinese steamed dumplings

A Little Food… Vegetarian Survival Guide to China

My stomach was growling after hours spent roaming the palaces and gardens China’s ancient Forbidden City. Hungry, we nearly missed the hole in the wall dumpling shop because of the steam fogging up the glass, almost obscuring the overflow of diners wedged around the shop’s tiny tables. It was a standing-room only establishment and my …

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street food taipei

A Little Food… Vegetarian Survival Guide to Taipei, Taiwan

My 15-hour long layover in Taipei may not have been enough time to settle in and truly explore all that Taipei, Taiwan offers travelers, but it was plenty of time to eat my through the city’s best vegetarian street foods and night markets! Having traveled the world for more than a decade, eating vegetarian everywhere …

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taipei 101 skyline on a long layover

A Little Advice… What to Do on a Long Layover in Taipei

My 15-hour layover in Taipei, Taiwan was long. Once you hit 10 hours in a city, you reach that in-between length of time where your options both expand and contract. It’s probably not long enough to justify renting a hotel room, but that leaves you either spending your long layover at the airport—in this case …

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