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Gelato in Italy

A Little Mash Up … It’s Always Gelato-O’Clock in Italy

Italy ranks as one of my favorite developed-world countries and it really comes down to the eating experiences. In fact, if you ask me, each person reading this should do their stomach a favor and put Italy on the bucket list because the country was made for foodies of all sorts (not just ice-cream-loving-fiends). See, […]

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Carabinieri in Florence

A Little Lesson…Catcalls and Culture from the Italian Police

I studied abroad in the north of Italy, Bergamo, during the summer of 2005 doing some Italian language intensives at the Universita’ di Bergamo. There was a slew of us from my Florida university and after the program ended I went south for a week exploring Rome. I wasn’t completely alone in Rome, but there were several […]

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Night on the town in Florence, Italy

A Little Fun… Taking a Girls Night Out in Florence, Italy

Florence is an amazing city filled with beautiful art and history. The first time I visited Italy, I had missed the chance to visit Florence and always regretted it. This time, it lived up to my expectations once I arrived! My cousin, bestie, and I had planned an adventure-filled few days in Florence, packing in as […]

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