Best Books to Read Before Going to Ireland

With a last name like O’Donnell, there was no chance that I would escape childhood without my Irish roots surfacing in various ways. Long before I made my first trip to Ireland, my parents and grandparents fed me a steady diet of the greatest Irish authors of all time. By the time I reached adulthood, …

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blasket islands ireland

A Little Travel Memory… An Important Lesson in Hiking Etiquette

Sometimes joy and fun in an experience is directly proportional to how difficult it is… …the short hike to the lookout point for the Blasket Islands in southern Ireland is one of those circumstances. It was cold and windy for my driving/hiking adventure and with the ever-present misting Irish rain a constant companion every time I …

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Traditional Irish Cottage on the Aran Islands

A Little Travel Memory … A Slice of Uber Traditional Ireland

The thatch roofed houses peppering the sea of emerald grass fields seems so oddly reminiscent of another era but yet are actually still found in areas all Ireland. Landing on the Aran Islands off of the west coast of Ireland is like taking a full leap into a small and traditional pocket of intensely Irish culture; …

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Sheep in Connemara, Ireland

A Little Travel Memory… The Sheep of Connemara, Ireland

Ireland is one of those countries that I can’t help describing melodramatically; the country just speaks to my soul. On the Diamond Hill hike in Connemara, Ireland I spotted this sheep among the fully blooming purple heather. The hike brought to mind the lovely song, “Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go,” which I used to sing back …

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A Little Cozy… Peat Fireplaces, Rugged Ireland, and Something Special

It might be the peat. It’s certainly the deep Irish brogue. But perhaps it’s also just the charming spirit of all who cross your path. Ireland has this certain something that makes the country feel incredibly unique; a something that I couldn’t quite identify for the first three weeks I spent in the country. Finding …

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A Little Authenticity… Enjoying Toe-tapping Irish Music in Clifden

The heart and sole of Ireland lives in the country’s pubs—and I don’t mean because of the Guinness, although let me assure you that plays a role. But it’s the country’s music and warm enthusiasm that keeps the yanks like myself enthralled with Ireland’s  rich history and amazing music. I have to admit, my fondest …

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