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A Little Indulgence… Czech’s Rich Traditional Desserts & Recipes

There was a niggling fear in my heart when I arrived in the Czech Republic; I worried that I was going to encounter vegetarian food-related issues like those I encountered in Bosnia. I was pleasantly surprised to find fantastic Czech desserts all over the place. The country has a dumpling mania and there are everything from sweet fruit dumplings to […]

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All the Reasons You Should Visit Cesky Krumlov!

A Little Town… 8 Reasons You Should Visit Cesky Krumlov!

The heartbeat of most countries pulses from the towns, villages, and small cities dotting the countryside. Even in well-developed countries, the pace of life changes outside of urban city-centers. This proved true throughout much of my travels this past year, and also in the Czech Republic, where three days sightseeing in Prague offered just a […]

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Three Days in Prague

A Little Visit… Three Days in Prague & Five Things I Loved

Lauded as one of the top cultural centers of Europe, and a city almost unparalleled for architecture and beauty, I have always wanted to see Prague for myself. I have long held a romantic nostalgia for Prague thanks to Hollywood using the city’s medieval streets as the backdrop for intrigue and romance. As an American, much […]

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