turtle diving

A Little Glimpse… Why Diving Provides the Ultimate Glimpse of Tranquility

Solitude. Tranquility. Utter peacefulness. That’s what it’s like underwater; you become a part of a world outside of human society – we can go down there for a visit, but it’s not ours.

I learned scuba diving the summer before leaving on my travels; my first stop was Australia and I was bound and determined to be comfortable underwater before hitting what I considered the mac-daddy of all sites, the Great Barrier Reef.

A Little Harm… Hunting Invasive Lionfish in Honduras

As I was jumping, wiggling, tugging and contorting my body into a ballet of ridiculous postures to pull the wetsuit over my damp skin my instructor and I went over our plan for the day’s dives as he also explained some of the fish I was about to see. Trumpet fish and crabs, eel, barracuda, …

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A Little Consideration… Honduras: The Central American South

“The American South” is one of those phrases that carries with it all sorts of implications depending on who you ask; Hollywood has sculpted the image of a region dotted with slow-talking hicks settled alongside gun-toting cowboys and the good-ole Southern hospitality thrown in there to serve up some sweet tea, fried chicken, and a …

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The Maya ruins near Copan Ruinas, Honduras

A Little Exploration… How to Visit the Copan Ruins

Paging through my Lonely Planet Central America guidebook in the quite cool of the Bagel Barn in Antigua, Guatemala (one of my favorite places for a western breakfast in the city), I was seeking inspiration in Honduras. I needed divine travel guidance on what I should do next on my backpacking trip south through Central …

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