A Little Color… Authenticity on the Guatemalan Chicken Buses

I was sitting on a chicken bus this afternoon and had one of those moments where things just sort of clicked. One of the reasons that I travel, and let me assure you it’s certainly not so that I can ride chicken buses, but rather for the faces of the locals surrounding me. The bumps …

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A coffee farm tour outside of Antigua, Guatemala

A Little Aroma… Learning the Art of Coffee in Antigua, Guatemala

A fantasy series that I read and loved use a phrase that drove the heroine throughout the novels: all knowledge is worth having. The idea resonated deeply since closely echoes my own approach to life. I love to learn. Learning was a driving force for taking my round the world trip, and I love sharing …

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A Little Explanation… Why I’m a “Don’t Ask” Vegetarian

I won’t say that it’s the most asked question I get when I’m on the road, but it certainly ranks right up there in the top ten, perhaps after the standard “where are you from?” and “how long are you traveling for?” People want to know why I’m vegetarian. And not just why, but also …

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Semana Santa processions and carpets in Guatemala

A Little Fascination… Semana Santa (Holy Week) Rituals & Carpets in Guatemala

Semana Santa is among the best times to travel Guatemala, and many Catholic countries for that matter (Latin America’s celebrations stem from traditional processions in Spain). Just as Buddhism, Hinduism, and other religions have colorful celebrations of devotion, sacrifice, and religious fervor (just look to the Holi Festival of Colors in India if in doubt), …

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A Little Kindness… Guatemalan Easter Warmth

Deep into night on the Wednesday before Easter a few new friends and I were wandering the streets at the late hour of two o’clock in the morning in a search for water (you can’t drink tap water in Guatemala). Let’s not get into precisely why we were searching for water at that hour, but …

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Antigua, Guatemala

A Little Adrift… Dispatch from Guatemala: Prepping for Easter Madness

The buzz throughout the city is infectious on the Wednesday before Easter. Although Semana Santa (Holy Week) celebrations don’t “officially” kick off until the morning of Holy Thursday, the colorfully picturesque town of Antigua, Guatemala has been milking this holiday for the past two weeks—I’ve seen countless early Semana Santa processions and mini-carpets as offerings. …

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A Little Lesson… I Surrender to the Mas o Menos

Ok Central America, you win. I lay prostrate at your feet and am willing to surrender to your charm, your eccentricities, and even the downright annoyingly ridiculous phrase mas o menos which, in translation means “more or less,” but in Mexico (and Cuba) actually means “I-can-tell-you-whatever-I-want-even-if-I-know-I’m-wrong-as-long-as-I-slap-on-a-mas-o-menos. I fought Central America for the longest time…and that’s …

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