Antigua, Guatemala

A Little Podcast… Stories of Traveling Through Guatemala

Traveling through Guatemala was an unexpected pleasure; I landed in Central America with the vague idea I would travel south from Mexico and stop in every country for a few weeks, a month if I loved a place. And then I crossed the border into Guatemala and instantly fell a bit in love. Over the …

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Estufas Project Xela Guatemala

A Little Travel Memory… Firelight, Stoves, and Big Smile

The smell of burning wood hit me first as I ducked through the entrance of the small house – ducking saved my head from earning yet another gash and also put me right at eye level with the beaming smile from the Guatemalan woman nervously wringing her hands in the center of the room. As …

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children rio dulce guatemala

A Little Relaxing…Unexpected Sweet Life on the Rio Dulce

I almost overlooked Guatemala’s sweetest little river on my travels through Guatemala. Running through the south of Guatemala and emptying into the Caribbean Sea, the Rio Dulce (translated as the Sweet River from Spanish) is 43 kilometers of pure beauty that also captures a slice of Guatemalan life you won’t find anywhere else in the …

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Kids watching mime antigua

A Little Travel Memory… Street Mime in Antigua

Antigua is a directly on the tourist path; in fact, it’s a veritable hub of tourist activity in Guatemala. It’s also pretty swell. It’s an adorably livable city for a traveler in need of a break; these kiddos are in simply rapt attention of a street mime. I just loved the their five figures sitting …

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tikal ruins guatemala

Guatemala Travel Guide

Guatemala ranks as one of my favorite places in the world. I planned to travel Guatemala for three weeks—instead I stayed for nearly three months. There is something uniquely calm and charming about the country. The culture is rich and accessible and the landscape is just gorgeous—perhaps that’s why I fangirl over it so hard. …

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A Little Market… I’ll be the Toast of Chichicastenango

The bright colors of Guatemala take their palette from a kindergarten classroom, or perhaps from the toucans and macaws that inhabit the country’s forests. The brilliant reds mix with saffrons made of liquid sunshine and blues right out of the darkest depths of the ocean. I’ve milked just about story possible out of Guatemala except …

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A Little Questionable… Yep, a Guatemalan Drug Bust

Nestled into the cozy, cushioned table beds in Café D’Noz on Lago de Atitlán I was taken off guard when my server climbed up onto the cushions to whisper in my ear. At first all I heard was a bit of hushed syllables inaudible over the blaring movie showing in the café. With a questioning …

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A Little Volunteering… Building Stoves in Rural Guatemala

One full hour after starting our project we finally had the first layer of concrete blocks nestled next to each other, absolutely perfectly level and arranged in a large rectangular shape. Mitul and Grace, also volunteers from the Pop Wuj language school in Guatemala, carefully scrapped at the wet red clay while I was nearby …

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