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Nepali New Year

A Little Festival… Celebrating Nepali New Year in Pharping, Nepal

The Nepali New Year dawned bright and early during my third week of living in the small village of Pharping, Nepal. Amrit, the charming man running our guesthouse, invited the volunteers staying at the guesthouse to celebrate the New Year with his family. The plan was to hike a nearby hill for views over the Kathmandu […]

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A broken down bus in Kathmandu, Nepal

A Little Culture… Traditional Nepali Food and Traditions

Pharping is a large town by Nepali standards. It’s small to be sure, but it’s bigger than the tiny villages that dot the hillside as the bus putters through the mountains for an hour before arriving at Pharping. The town has a local grocery store. Smaller than a 7-11, but it has the most basic of necessities […]

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Teaching English

A Little Routine… Tea Time, Games, and the Rhythm of Teaching

The monastery, probably like any boarding school, runs on a regimented timetable. The boys have classes everyday except Saturdays and throughout the day they have brief breaks. I came to love the daily tea-time ritual every afternoon. Nepali chiya is different than Indian chai but just as enjoyable. Nepal’s version of the drink seems to […]

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Pharping, Nepal

A Little Culture… Settling into Volunteer Life in Pharping, Nepal

The warmth and humor of the Nepali people are among my best memories from traveling through Nepal and volunteering there. Across my two months there, Amrit, the man overseeing my guesthouse during my volunteer experience, became one of my favorite new friends. Driven and charismatic, he also exudes optimism. His happy dispositions settles deep into your soul and […]

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