A Little Story… This One’s for Africa

I stare owl-eyed into the waiting dala dala as 27 faces stared back. The minivan—for though it has extra rows of seats compared to the soccer-mom-mobiles of the U.S., it’s still just a minivan—is bursting full and a chorus of mzungu echoes through the van as a flurry of shifting takes place. An older Tanzanian woman, …

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Kendwa beach in Zanzibar

A Little Adrift… Dispatch from Africa: From Sand to Safari

The sky is lit with fiery fingers of color, the dense humidity and the clouds pulling the saffron flames across the sky. Zanzibar does not disappoint. I arrived last week in the wake of my safari, I needed a base for two weeks to work on a few new assignments and all signs (and recs …

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