A Little Peep…The Faces of Antigua’s Easter

Semana Santa is certainly a week for the religious, but it’s also a week where the Antiguan community comes together and all of the residents are on the same team. The same goal. There is a single minded purpose to many of the activities and a devotion within the community that makes this week unlike anything I’ve ever previously experienced – it’s one of the richest holiday experiences I have had abroad.

Let’s take just one last look at the people and highlights from Semana Santa in Antigua, Guatemala.

Tourists and Vendors Fight Sleep Deprivation for Three Days

Antigua swells and more than triples in number as the guesthouses fill to max capacity. Intriguing new sweets and street foods are introduced and make for some really fun days of trying new foods.

Semana Santa (73)Little Boy in His Purple Robes

Women Awaiting the Procession

The Ubiquitous Ice Cream Man Toy Vendor Hawking His Wares

Processional Mourning for Semana Santa

The Holy Week processions reenact the last days of Christ and the processions were just as mournful and sad as you could expect.

Little Kids Join the ReenactmentsA Smile for the Camera during a Somber Procession

Christ on Processional Float

Processional Order Christ Crucified on the Cross

The Virgin Mary Mourns Christ

Colorful Displays of Supreme Devotion

The elaborate Semana Santa carpets are the one thing that you can see really only in Guatemala (they’re not done to this extent in any other country).

Making Semana Santa Carpets Video:

Photos of the Various Beautiful Alfombras

Semana Santa Parrot Carpet

Team Work on the Semana Santa Carpets

Working together for completion

Teamwork get's it done Jesus Made Out of Saw Dust

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