Review Policy and Disclaimer

As A Little Adrift has grown over the years, I am often offered the chance to review travel products for companies. That’s always a tough one for me, because I never want to feel pressured into publishing a positive review simply because something was free. So, for the most part I don’t accept travel products. But if I do, you can expect a few things:

  • I will always give my honest opinion. If I don’t like a product I either won’t mention it at all, or I communicate with the company and offer to write an honest review with both the pros and the cons. Before I accept a review though, I make it clear that my opinion can’t be bought.
  • I am more likely to review a product if they allow me to give one away to a reader. Everyone likes trying new stuff, so I feel like it’s fun to offer incentives to my loyal readers. It’s kind of my way of saying thanks to you—I want you to have some perks for having read the site and supporting the community we have here on ALA.
  • Links to Amazon are affiliate links. I do not run any advertisements or sponsored stories on A Little Adrift, so one of the small ways I make a bit of money is through these links. It costs you nothing and I will never recommend something I don’t genuinely like.
  • You can 100% trust that a link from my site cannot be purchased. I link to things I believe in and personally use.

Anything I recommend on this site is my opinion and personal experience. Your mileage may vary with the tips and resources and I really encourage you to double-check facts, places, rates, and companies before you count on them being there when you visit. I do my best to keep everything updated, but it’s a just me here, so expect some places in the world will have changed since I was last there.

And lastly, thank you. I value that you trust A Little Adrift and promise you integrity in all things I write and share here.

P.S. Wondering where I post those reviews? Mostly they’re offered to my newsletter subscribers as a giveaway. You can check up travel book reviews here, and other product reviews are throughout this page.