Although this blog used to directly chronicle my round the world travels, the stories are now most often presented non-linearly. This makes it hard to know where I am and what I’m working on right now!

This is the current state of things as of December 2017.

Location & Travel Plans

I spent the summer walking the Camino de Santiago (and staying offline for the entire six weeks). From there, I jumped straight into a new work opportunity that has taken 80% of my focus these past six months. I am on the tail end of it (just a few weeks left!), and it’s been incredible to be a part of such a cool project. I worked with USAID to write four websites for four cities in Kyrgyzstan. USAID has worked on the project for several years now, and brought me on as a consultant for content development and SEO services. With a new independent travel infrastructure across the country, my job has been to develop basically a layer of English-language information to empower and guide future tourists visiting Kyrgyzstan. It’s been truly fascinating to witness firsthand what it takes to help a developing region design tourism products and services that will boost and support the economy. I am thrilled. After years of writing about social enterprises and the need for tourism to directly contribute to local economies, this USAID project ramped up my knowledge and understanding tenfold.

I have been stateside since August, some time in Florida while I applied for my Spanish residency visa, and other time in Virginia over the holidays with family. I have received my Spanish residency visa (eek!) and I will head that may by the end of February to set up an apartment in Barcelona.

Projects and Passions

2016 marked the end of most of my client projects. I am on a long hiatus from marketing consulting, at least outside the travel sphere. These past year have been a welcome break from that line of work, which I did for more than 10 years. Saying no to the consulting work freed me to focus on my passion projects and launching new things that I’ve wanted to push out into the world for a few years now. Here’s a quick snapshot on those:

  • Country guides. Every time I travel, I round-up my tips and resources, now they’re getting formally laid out and easy to browse. You guys asked for more of these, and they’re popular on the site, so I am expanding this section. The first dozen are up now, I’d be chuffed if you check them out.
  • Editing my 5,000+ backlog of photos from my travels so I can share those stories in the coming year.
  • Supporting my GV Ambassadors who are dedicating their time to my responsible travel website. This is a passion project that often falls through the cracks when I don’t say no to enough things.

Need to Get in Touch

Right now, I’m focusing all my of attention on these projects. If you’d like to connect on one of these things, read of my contact page or join me on social media:

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