Although this blog used to directly chronicle my round the world travels, the stories are now most often presented non-linearly. This makes it hard to know where I am and what I’m working on right now!

This is the current state of things as of January 2017.

Location & Travel Plans

I landed in Vietnam in early November and I spent my eight-year travel anniversary slurping soup at a street stall with my friend James, who lives in Saigon year-round.I spent several early mornings down in the Mekong Delta waking at 5am to take in the early morning markets, and from Can Tho I moved north, traveling to the lovely town of Hoi An. Even the rain couldn’t steal the shine and charm from that city. I spent the holidays and my birthday housesitting for a crazy, neurotic cat in Hanoi. As of the start of January, I have just one month left in Vietnam and I am spending it traveling around the north.  I didn’t quite make my 52 Books project last year, but I gave it a good go and it got me back into the habit of reading.

After this time in Vietnam, I am heading to Virginia to visit friends and family. Even though I didn’t love my visit to Cuba back in 2010, I’ve decided to give it a go again and will roadtrip Cuba with a friend this spring. Then I’ll be resting up for a whirlwind bit of travel over the summer with my niece.

After that, I am still looking for a place to stop for a while. I spent 2015 and 2016 sporadically trying on new homes (San Diego: gorgeous but not home. England: I got walking pneumonia so I decided wet & cold is not my cuppa tea. Istanbul: I have no existing friends there so it wasn’t quite as awesome as I had hoped. Rural Spain: Without many friends, it’s hard to meet people my own age). Oaxaca: Beautiful and a good friend lives there, but I have a serious allergic reaction to something in the air there and it’s a mystery how to counter it. Going forward, I am looking at Lisbon, Portugal as a possibility. I may get a place there in 2017 and use that as a homebase as I continue venturing out to one of the big spots I’d like to visit next year: Peru, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan. Also, to totally make things up in the air, there is a chance I will take my 11-year-old nephew on an adventure around South America for a few months.

Projects and Passions

2016  marked the end of most of my client projects. I am on a long hiatus from marketing consulting. These past months were the first time I had taken a break from that work in 10 years. This change is so that I can focus on this site and the passions projects I’ve wanted to push out into the world for a few years now. Here’s a quick snapshot on those:

  • I did a 52 books in 2016 project. I’m a big reader but sometimes books are the first thing to fall away when I’m busy. You can follow my book journey here, where I shared what I read and what I learned from it. Although I read at least to 70 books, I didn’t make my goal because I wanted to read 52 non-fiction or critically acclaimed books. I hit close to 40 of those, and then 30+ of other fun reads. I’ll continue the goal throughout 2017, however, and continue updating that page.
  • Country guides.  Every time I travel, I round-up my tips and resources, now they’re getting formally laid out and easy to browse. You guys asked for more of these, and they’re popular on the site, so I am expanding this section. The first ones are up now, I’d be chuffed if you check them out.
  • Editing my 5,000+ backlog of photos from my travels so I can share those stories in the coming year.
  • Supporting my GV Ambassadors who are dedicating their time to my responsible travel website. This is a passion project that often falls through the cracks when I don’t say no to enough things.

Need to Get in Touch

Right now, I’m focusing all my of attention on these projects. If you’d like to connect on one of these things, have a read of my contact page or join me on social media:

This page is inspired by Derek and was last updated on January 8, 2017.

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