A Little Adrift

A Little Accountability…I Tell You, You Keep Me Honest

A huge and jolly Happy New Year to you!

I sincerely hope your first hours and days of 2011 are joyous.

The theory goes that you can wake up on the wrong side of the bed each day and that’s justification for a crappy day, so my chipperness knows no bounds today this week; I want to send all kinds of positive vibrations into 2011.

Yep, I'm THIS excited about 2011

And rather than a 2011 wrap-up post (check out the best of and resources pages for that!), I’d like to look forward into the new year and put out some ideas and projects on which I need some accountability.

The thing is, I hate to fail in public. And no one really does, right?

So to mitigate that I just keep all of my projects, ideas, and dreams to myself. I wrap my arms tightly around my ideas and give off glib responses even to those in my inner circle.

Then my progress on any given dream or project goes something like this:

I do my own brainstorming; I plot and I plan.

I get really excited about it so…

…I plot and plan some more.

Plans derail while I get distracted and forget about my original plan for a bit.

Then I decide the first plan sucked anyway and go back to the brainstorming.

And I plot and plan.

Rinse and repeat.

There has to be a better way. I figure the warm red flush of embarrassment and shame that creeps into my face when I fail just might be enough to keep me focused my goals this year. And if I fail, well, at least I really tried this year!

So Here Goes…Shannon’s 2011 Goals and Aspirations:

Okay, those are the one’s I’m willing to share. And to be clear, I have specific target numbers, dates, and figures associated with them too, as the mysterious “they” say you should with any long-term goals.

And there are actually a couple other goals still wrapped tightly in my arms, but who knows, maybe they really do need another year of incubation! ;-)

So fess up, what do you want to accomplish this year that kinda makes your heart beat faster and color rush into your face to admit?