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This page highlights other blogging and traveling friends; if my travel planning resource page and FAQ didn’t answer your questions, the stories and advice from these friends is a great next step. And if you’re interested in a volunteering resource, my sister site (and passion project) is Grassroots Volunteering.

I’ve been on the road since 2008 and these are the inspiring people I have met through this journey who I am honored to call my friends. Each one has a unique story, a personal reason they decided to travel long-term and explore the world.

  • Legal Nomads: I met through traveling and she should have been my sister. Jodi shares stories of food and culture on the road.
  • Uncornered Market: Audrey and Dan are producing some of the best long-term travel content in the industry. They’ve been on the road for many years with truly amazing photos and stories the whole way.
  • Everything-Everywhere: Each day Gary shares a new travel photo from his very, very extensive travels.
  • Bridges and Balloons: Victoria and Steve made my months in Mexico memorable and will be life-long friends. They have a lovely voice and beautiful photos.
  • Globetrotter Girls: Two very good friends I was lucky enough to meet and travel with for a bit in SEA when I traveled with my niece.
  • No Vacation Required: Their travels and lifestyle often focuses on services to others in addition to the all the expected travel photos and stories.
  • Nomadic Notes: James has been on the road for more than 10 years working as a digital nomad and we try to cross paths whenever we can.
  • Fevered Mutterings: Mike is hilarious and the funniest blogger on the list; he is a freelance writer sharing his misadventures on the road.
  • Wandering Earl: Earl goes to crazy places sometimes and comes back with great stories; he also offers tours in various regions if you’re looking for a highly personal tour of the world.
  • Nomadic Matt: Matt has created the best site for budget travel and should be a first stop if you’re planning some travels.
  • The Art of Nonconformity: Chris has a hugely helpful and successful site about lifestyle design and how to create a life outside of the 9-5; he’s also traveled to every country on Earth, which isn’t too shabby either.

If you’re interested in the business side of blogging, this page lists out designers I love and the services I have used over the years to grow this community. Of note is that Hannah from Further Bound designed this site and does amazing work.

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