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how much to live abroad

An increasing number of retirees and digital nomads are looking for ways to save costs, experience a new culture, and live in another country. Our comprehensive guides details the cost of living in the world’s major expat spots. Since 2008, I have explored the world slowly, and I’ve lived everywhere from Mexico to Thailand. While I am a traveler at heart, and I have comprehensive travel guides for even more destinations, I often stop for 6+ months in one spot to get a better idea of the local culture, to create a community, and to understand a new place.

It’s never been straightforward knowing if I would like a spot before I arrived. Information is often scattered, and it’s hard to know your actual costs once you’re on the ground. Using interviews with expats, my personal travels, and detailed research, the information in these comprehensive guides will help you decide which spot in the world is best for your goals.

Many digital nomads have a unique eye toward spots with a large start-up scene. Socially conscious travelers look for a chance to immerse in the local culture. Retirees have a different set of concerns, including retiree visas, healthcare systems, and quality of life. A Little Adrift’s country-specific cost of living guides answer the tough questions, discuss quality of life in each spot, and provide thorough resources and links to continue your research. My goal is simple: to help other expats pick a spot that best matches their income, their goals, and a good culture-fit with the destination they choose.

Cost of Living Guides

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