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Shannon O'DonnellThough I am often traveling in far-flung places, I am never far from the internet. This page shares my current travel location and projects.

If you want to get in touch, you’re in the right place. This page shares contact details for travelers, for volunteers, for media, and for speaking enquiries.

For Travelers

I love hearing from readers, your successes and your travels. Since the first day I launched this site, I have read and responded to every email and comment. From those emails, I compiled a massive travel resources section on this site (40,000+ words). It shares heaps of answers to common questions. I also compiled advice and answers to common volunteering questions here. Please research your questions first using these links before emailing me.

Due to serious RSI and tendonitis, the sheer number of emails from this community sometimes overwhelms me. Which makes me sad because it has long been my favorite part of writing this blog — to hear from you. But seriously guys, it’s bad. My hands aren’t happy with me. So you can still email me and I will respond when I can, but  please do two things first 1) make sure I haven’t already answered your question and 2) understand that you are asking for my time for free — please be respectful of my time.

I also use my Facebook page to announce upcoming meet-ups, or you can reach out via any of my social media platforms — I’d love to hear from you there if want to share something that resonated, to vent, or to find out how we can work together. If my resource page didn’t answer your question, I you can also ask the active and supportive community in the Everything Everywhere Facebook Travel Community. It’s thorough, fast, and crowd-sourced advice!

I truly believe most travel and volunteering answers are available for free at one of those pages — I’ve spent years compiling and curating the free advice and resources.

For Media/Other

I work as a freelance travel writer and speaker — recent press, media, and my contact details are here.

My portfolio and personal site is here:

Please email me if you’d like to work together.

Note: I do not accept advertising, press releases, link requests, guest posts, or sponsored posts on this site. If you email me for these purposes, I will send your email to spam.

For Speaking

I have spoken at schools, universities, and conferences all over the world.

I’d love to work with you! Please see my speaking page for more details and direct contact information.

Other places you can find me:

You can find my location and travel plans here, as well as all of my current projects.

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