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Shannon O'DonnellThough I am often traveling in far-flung places, I am never far from the internet.

For Travelers

I love hearing from readers, your successes and your travels, and since the first day I launched this site, I have read and respond to every email and comment. From those emails, I compiled a massive travel resources section (20,000+ words) with heaps of answers to the most common questions I received over the years. Please start here with your travel or volunteering questions.

Due to serious RSI and worsening carpal tunnel, I can no longer field the individual emails from the ALA community. I use my Facebook page to announce upcoming meetups, or you can reach out via any of my social media platforms—I’d love to hear from you if want to share something that resonated, to vent, or to find out how we can work together. If my resource page didn’t answer your question, I highly recommend you ask the active and supportive community in the Everything Everywhere Facebook Travel Community. It’s thorough and fast advice! :)

If you’re keen for my advice on a certain subject, travel plans, or your concerns, consider booking a Skype or telephone session. It’s $90 for a one-hour call, and you’ll leave with actionable advice and any followup resources you might need to plan your trip.

For Media/Other

I also work as a freelance travel writer and speaker—recent press, media, and my contact details are here.

My portfolio and personal site is here:

Note: I do not accept advertising or guest posts on this site; please do not email me for these purposes.

For Speaking

Please see my speaking page for more details and direct contact information.

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