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A Little Declaration… Hogsmeade & Butterbeer Rocked My Socks

I’m going to shuck off my mantle of sophistication here on A Little Adrift to admit I’m a Harry Potter geek. When the book series first gained popularity I poo-pooed the trend and refused to join the masses in the Harry Potter craze. Then my best friend handed me book one with pointed instructions to […]

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12 Apostles on Australia's Great Ocean Road

A Little Travel Memory … Goodbye Ye Faithful Apostles

The scenery on the Great Ocean Road in Australia reminded me of the blown Murano glass scupltures in Venice , Italy. This post was really inspired entirely by the photo below. Like a glass-blower, nature purposefully highlighted the scene with a sizable dose of reddish-orange limestone (two colors opposite on the color-wheel and therefore complimentary :). My […]

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A Little Reenacting…Huzzah! Time Travel to the Renaissance

Last fall I spent a day wandering the grounds of the Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Festival outside of Orlando, Florida. I’m habitually traveling in the spring every year and miss the one in my hometown, but I chanced upon one outside of Orlando last fall and the lure was too much to resist; I […]

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