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On my travels I have made a point to visit many of the incredible Unesco World Heritage Sites all over the world. These range from the iconic architectural sights like the Taj Mahal and Angkor Wat, to the beautiful and charming UNESCO cities of  Guanajuato and Luang Prabang. I’ve picnicked in UNESCO National Parks and stared in wonder at the historic wonders of Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque. Take a peek at my favorite experiences over the past decade as I’ve traveled this world in search of culture, history, and connection.

Bagan temples burma myanmar

A Little Photoessay… The Ancient Temples of Bagan, Burma

When I left nearly four years ago to travel, I wasn’t sure what pieces of the travel experience would most pique my interest … would it be the varied landscapes, the new foods and flavors, or perhaps new friends? In the intervening years, I learned that I am most engaged in my travel experience when I […]

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A Little Art … A Gorgeous Pre-Islamic Mural in Jordan

The air around me was cool and damp, the kind of pervasive dampness only found in old spaces, spaces locked off from human habitation for decades, centuries even. On every wall, remnants of an ancient culture depicted animals, kings, triumphs, and women, lots of women. We had visited several desert castles in Jordan that day, and Quseir Amra was […]

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animist beliefs burma

A Little History… Myths and Spirits in Modern Myanmar

A tiny bell tinkled in the light whisper of wind outside the inner temple, the faint music audible inside the small prayer room despite the crush of bodies kneeling prostrate in front of the gilt Buddha. After paying my respects to Buddha, Buddhism, and Burma inside the room, I continued circling the tall zedi, the […]

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