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A Little Education… How I Homeschooled My Niece From Asia

One of the tenets I live by is that life-long learning is something worthy of not only practicing, but of instilling a love of in others. And a love of learning was a core element I wanted my niece Ana to walk away with when she left my company after I homeschooled her throughout Southeast […]

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A Little Guide … Free Resources to Learn and Read Nearly Anything

I believe in the open source movement—in giving the gift of learning and knowledge freely and openly to anyone with an internet connection. And the internet alone is a huge barrier for many, but once you have the internet and a computer, I believe we all should easily have ways to learn. This type of […]

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A Little Update… Speaking, Home-Schooling, and an Exciting Fall

*Update for subscribers, sorry if you receive this post in your email belatedly, I had a blog issue that is now fixed!* As the busy summer months slip into fall, it’s time to announce some of the projects and developments that have been in the works. This past summer was difficult for me, it marked […]

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A Little Thanks … For the Lessons We Learned from the People We Met

Traveling with my niece last year through Southeast Asia has taken on a surreal quality over the past several months since we returned home. Intellectually I know that it was not so long ago that she and I were side-by-side on an airplane, a grin on her face mixed with equal slices of fear and […]

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A Little Planning… Vaccines, Homeschool and Final Preparations (Oh, My)

My lack of culinary skills mentioned last week mean that the daily lunch I serve to Ana is, well, simple. Today we snacked on basic sandwiches and veggies while discussing the list of tasks at hand before we leave for Thailand. As I vocally dream of the curries and delicious Thai flavors I’ve missed these […]

October 3, 2011 | Continue Reading ...

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A Little Announcement…My Niece is Coming to Thailand with Me!

For those who have followed my story and my journey over the past nearly three years, a new chapter is starting! In October, my niece Ana and I will leave for Asia for six months of travel and homeschooling from the road. This is a pretty big change for both of us and this plan […]

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