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A Little Letter … To All the Young Dreamers: Travel Young, Travel Far

Dear Young Dreamer, The end of the school year is here and freedom whispers on the air. Your attention wanders in these final days of lectures, homework, and classroom chatter and trust me, I understand why. Though I’ve graduated through life into “adult status,” I remember the keen yearning to spend my days hunting through the […]

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A Little Honesty … Why I Decided to Travel the World

Every so often I field emails asking about what compelled me to leave to travel solo back in 2008. The questions wonder why I was willing to pack up my life and leave my friends and family behind—their curiosity leaps from the page and I can all but hear their mind whirl as they wonder […]

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A Little Oasis … Fun, Mud, and Friends on Beach in Mexico

I found a slice of paradise last week. I rarely use terms like “paradise” because it feels overdone to claim each new place is better than the next. But in terms of where I was personally, this place was a slice of perfection for what I needed at that moment. From my town, the hike […]

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A Little Update … Travel Plans, Recent Press, and Otherness

Somehow two and half months have passed since I landed here in Mexico and moved into a studio apartment in the tiny town of San Pancho. Life is moving so fast. I was going to start this update noting that I still haven’t learned how to relax despite my decision to use my time here in […]

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