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Bean and pepper Mexican quesadilla recipe

A Little Recipe … Inspired by Mexico: Lunchtime Bean Quesadilla

The clichéd “absence makes the heart grow fonder” mantra popped into my head this week when I thought back on my months in Mexico earlier this year. I have clocked one entire month living stateside, enough time to start the stir-crazy feelings as I dream of my cute little single-speed bicycle in San Pancho and […]

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Sweet potato, black bean taco

A Little Recipe … Inspired by Mexico: Simple Sweet Potato Tacos

Fusion foods are the new “it” thing in my life. A travel purist approach would be to make recipes of my favorite dishes from actually traveling in these places. And sometimes that’s the case, but there are other times when the fusion of flavors I love from other places need to meet my current cravings. […]

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Guacamole recipe

A Little Food … Hunting Down the Perfect Guacamole Recipe

For the past four months I have lived in Mexico in a studio apartment that, while small, has a stove-top, pots and pans, and the ability to cook. After four and a half years on the road, this is the first time I’ve had the ability to slow down enough to fully shop at the […]

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yam kai dao recipe

A Little Recipe … Making Yum Kai Dao, a Thai Favorite

The sum of my past travel experiences infuse every aspect of my life, like the echoes of memories I have written about in the past, my food journey is ingrained in me now as well. Much of my traveling centered on Asia over the years, and my taste-buds craved the fusion of flavors, sour lime […]

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