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A Little Honesty … Fear, Vulnerablity, and the Less Sexy Side of Travel

Update: All articles in this series are linked to at the bottom of this post. Over the years I have shared stories and snapshots of life on the road—glimpses into the beautiful people and places I have experienced. Sometimes I shared the obstacles along the way, the harder and more personal moments of travel that […]

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gandhi learning quote

A Little Guide … Free Resources to Learn and Read Nearly Anything

I believe in the open source movement—in giving the gift of learning and knowledge freely and openly to anyone with an internet connection. And the internet alone is a huge barrier for many, but once you have the internet and a computer, I believe we all should easily have ways to learn. This type of […]

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Christmas travel gifts

A Little Advice … The Eight Travel Products I Deeply Love

Over the past four years of traveling I have carefully honed down to an exact science the very specific things I carry with me when I travel. In fact, I love some of the things I travel with so much that I merely replace them with exact duplicates when they wear down. And in other […]

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Bagan temples burma myanmar

A Little Photoessay… The Ancient Temples of Bagan, Burma

When I left nearly four years ago to travel, I wasn’t sure what pieces of the travel experience would most pique my interest … would it be the varied landscapes, the new foods and flavors, or perhaps new friends? In the intervening years, I learned that I am most engaged in my travel experience when I […]

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A Little Thought…On Why I Left to Travel, How I Pay for It, and How to Work as an Expat

Mythology and story, new cultures and finding just the right way to describe what it feels like to watch a new day begin as the the sun warms the streets of an unknown city…these are the things I usually think about when writing new posts. How can I transport other people into a new place? […]

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shan tophu nway burmese food vegetarian

A Little Food…A Vegetarian Photo Guide to Burma (Myanmar)

I grew up on crossover foods in the US; that means the American version of only the most famous dishes from each region. That’s well and fine for a sample and an “exotic” dinner when my taste-buds are bored back home, but the real thing is so very, very different once I ventured out on […]

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