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A Little Travel Memory … Slovenian Summer Street Theatre

Visiting Slovenia the first week of July in 2009 was one of those happy travel accidents—I had no idea that the Ana Desetnica Summer Theatre Festival was going on that week, but now can’t imagine the lovely little capital city of Ljubljana without the huge festival tents and impromptu street performances that took over the green […]

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A Little Relaxing…Lazy Days in Ljublijana

After yesterday’s rant it still seems a little self indulgent to admit that I spent ten whole days in Slovenia’s capital city and I really didn’t do a whole lot. Helen and I were getting burnt out so we decided to head straight for the capital and spend a few days purely relaxing before the […]

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A Little Odd…Pink People and Street Theatre

A matte, vibrant, solid pink, nearly naked derriere was bent over and pointed in my direction as I approached the green park in the city center of Ljublijana, the capital of city of Slovenia. My first thought? Ahh…welcome home. I love theatre completely and with the whole of my heart and interactive street theatre is […]

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A Little Luck…Rubbing the Golden Goat in Slovenia

The bold announcement from our tour guide that one good rub on the golden goat would take the rain and clouds away was the only impetus I needed to scramble up onto the statue and rub it with all of the vigor possible in my little arm. I booked myself onto an organized tour because […]

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A Little Fun…A Dancing Fool

The tinkling sound of an accordion approached the patio door as I sat on the couch, listening to my host family chatter around me in rapid Slovenian — not a language I understand. The music accordion floated increasingly closer — much too close for coincidence. Within minutes of the lively accordion player stepping through the […]

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