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Gelato in Italy

A Little Mash Up … It’s Always Gelato-O’Clock in Italy

Italy ranks as one of my favorite developed-world countries and it really comes down to the eating experiences. In fact, if you ask me, each person reading this should do their stomach a favor and put Italy on the bucket list because the country was made for foodies of all sorts (not just ice-cream-loving-fiends). See, […]

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Carabinieri in Florence

A Little Lesson…Catcalls and Culture from the Italian Police

I studied abroad in the north of Italy, Bergamo, during the summer of 2005 doing some Italian language intensives at the Universita’ di Bergamo. There was a slew of us from my Florida university and after the program ended I went south for a week exploring Rome. I wasn’t completely alone in Rome, but there were several […]

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A Little Stress…24 Hours of Travel Torture (2)

Continued from Round the World Travel Torture The cab to the ferry to the ferry The cab makes the 2 kilometer drive to the docks in record time and we tumble out of the vehicle in true clown car style, sling our packs onto our backs and dart into the customs line for a perfunctory […]

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A Little Stress…24 Hours of Travel Torture (1)

One of the less charming features of the Assisi hostel was the lock-out from 9:30am through 4:00pm – that meant that although we didn’t need to leave for the train station until nearly 11:00am we were forced to sit outside of the Ostello de Pace for a couple of hours warming up in the morning […]

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A Llittle Wheat…Italy's Golden Umbria Countryside

I’m actually a bit sad to leave Florence so soon…even though we’ve been here for six days, the city is really beautiful with undeniable charm. I can actually imagine my self living here, which is not something I can say about most big cities. But the RTW trip has to continue! Jenn’s uncle highly suggested […]

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