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A Little Indulgence… Czech’s Rich Traditional Desserts & Recipes

There was a niggling fear in my heart when I arrived in the Czech Republic; I worried that I was going to encounter vegetarian food-related issues like those I encountered in Bosnia. I was pleasantly surprised to find fantastic Czech desserts all over the place. The country has a dumpling mania and there are everything from sweet fruit dumplings to […]

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A Little Puzzlement…Rafting Down the Vltava

Rapid confusion set in on my face as a huge, silent, sturdy Czech guy plunked my raft down into the Vltava River, hoisted up a big water-tight barrel with my purse and camera tucked away inside, aggressively shoved the barrel under the front lip of the raft in one giant thrust and then sauntered back […]

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A Little Town…How Cute is Cesky Krumlov!

The real heartbeat of most countries can be found out in the country in the smaller towns and cities that dot the countryside – even in developed countries I find that the people are much more accessible in the smaller cities. Prague is a huge city and I don’t know that I even remotely felt […]

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A Little Ponder…Is Prague Overrated?

Lauded as one of the top cultural centers of Europe and a city almost unparalleled for architecture and beauty, I have always wanted to see this place for myself. Hollywood has romanticized the city and after seeing intrigue and romance unfold in Prague on the big screen this city was lovingly placed into my RTW […]

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