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tree thought bubble

A Little Travel Memory … That Tree Has Something to Say

Walking the wooden boardwalks around Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia I looked up and saw this dead tree with a very clear thought bubble  painted across the sky by mother nature; like something out of a comic book. What would a tree say? Even more pointedly, what would a dead tree say on a […]

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A Little Welcome…And a Cultural Faux Pas

The whirring sounds and motion of the overnight train to Bosnia did little to cover the noise of constant intrusions into my train compartment; I was doing a late night border crossing into Bosnia from Croatia and the customs officers have absolutely no mercy. The officer who came through the train on the Croatia side […]

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A Little Tourism…Avoiding the Insanity at Plitvice

Plitvice Lakes National Park  is one of those places that absolutely and totally lives up to it’s hype—it is stunning. Just. stunning. The Croatia Lonely Planet has a picture of the UNESCO World Heritage listed Plitvice Lakes National Park as one of the main images and reasons to go to Croatia—and the picture was spectacular […]

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A Little Nightmare…Could You Pass the TP?

Umm…can we pull over for a sec? I have to go to the bathroom… That auspicious start to a 20 kilometer round trip bike ride then turned into a little personal torment by the presence of my old friend from the developing world, travelers’ diarrhea. We visited Krka, Croatia yesterday and noticed that the only […]

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