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A Little Perspective… What do Bosnia and Cuba have in Common?

You know that idyllic image of American life in the 1950s? You know the one I mean:  pretty little suburbs with neat yards, low white picket fences and neighbors pruning their roses while tossing friendly hellos to their neighbors? I wasn’t alive back then so I don’t know how much of that image was the […]

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A Little Treat…Six Sweet Eats from Around the World

Everyone has those signature dishes they’ve tried in a new country – whether it’s a local delicacy or just bizarre street eat. But what about those fun snacks and new flavors on old favorites? Delicious Snacks and Treats from Around the World Some of these are sweets, some salty. But all are portable and can […]

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Traditional Turkish coffee in Sarajevo, Bosnia

A Little Travel Memory … My Big Bosnian Coffee Blunder

I winced as I took my first sip of the jet-black Bosnian coffee—it was certainly not your average American brew! My couchsurfing hosts in Sarajevo, Furkan and his roommates Anida and Sidak, decided that I couldn’t leave Sarajevo without stopping in the Turkish quarter for a traditional Bosnian coffee complete with Turkish Delight. They were […]

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A Little Help…I'm Falling Apart!

It’s eight months into this trip around the world and I am falling apart at the seams. Two main things have happened: 1)      My computer is, quite literally, falling apart. 2)      I have an allergic reaction to a tick bite from my frolic in Plitvice Lakes National Park. My computer has been showing signs of […]

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A Little Sweetness…Discovering the Desserts of Bosnia

The first glimpse of baklava over here sent me into waves of joy –I love the Greek baklava that was always a special treat in the states! My theory was that it had to be so much better over here, right?!Well…not so much. The baklava here was decidedly different from what you find in the […]

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A Little Bombing…Surveying Bosnia Damage Ten Years Later

Emerging from the train station in Mostar is a pretty humbling experience as the sun shines down on the glossy newly painted buildings standing right alongside buildings that are still bombed out and vacant even ten years later. Sarajevo has some spectacularly pretty areas of town and much of the war damage has been repaired. […]

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