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A Little Bit… About Grassroots Volunteering

After months in Africa this past spring, which was a tough trip for me, I spent summer on a hiatus from A Little Adrift and instead headed to the beach with my nieces and nephews, hiked a bit in the Pacific Northwest, spoke at convention in Atlanta, dinner-ed with friends in Florida, and lost myself in the […]

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A Little Update… Recent Press and a NYC Visit

These past two months have been a whirlwind in all the best possible ways. From my announcement in early October that I am a  NatGeo Traveler of the Year, it was the beginning of more recent speaking engagements and other interviews. In fact, it wasn’t just my family proud of me for the Nat Geo […]

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A Little Update … Speaking Dates and a National Geographic Honor

It’s been a wacky ride these last few months. In late June, I returned home from traveling through Panama with my dad and my niece and I entered a transition period … or I extended the transition I talked about earlier this year. I hunkered down here in Florida  to refocus on projects I have had […]

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Volunteer Handbook on Goodreads

A Little Update … Travel Plans, Recent Press, and Otherness

Somehow two and half months have passed since I landed here in Mexico and moved into a studio apartment in the tiny town of San Pancho. Life is moving so fast. I was going to start this update noting that I still haven’t learned how to relax despite my decision to use my time here in […]

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Antigua, Guatemala

A Little Podcast … Stories of Traveling Through Guatemala

Traveling through Guatemala was an unexpected pleasure; I traveled to Central America with the vague idea I would travel south from Mexico and stop in every country for a few weeks,a month if I loved a place. And then I crossed the border into Guatemala and instantly fell a bit in love. Over the succeeding […]

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