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monks in mandalay u bein bridge

A Little Nostalgia … A Reason to Love Southeast Asia

In recent posts I have talked about how I am a bit lost right now in terms of knowing precisely the direction life is taking, and each time I sit to write, that single truth stands out above the rest. I am in a transition, and those feelings and thoughts manifest in my writing; when […]

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akha ama coffee

A Little Story … A Journey to Find What Sustainable Coffee Really Means

There is a textbook definition of the word “journey”: an act or instance of traveling from one place to another. Within the framework of our collective consciousness as people, however,  the true meaning of a journey lies within ourselves. The word can imply the growth of very specific ideas and understanding within a set time […]

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A Little Happiness…Making a Unique and Merry Christmas Abroad

The sweat cooled from my skin at 7:30am Christmas morning as I pondered this holiday travel experiment with Ana; on the opposite side of the globe my nephews back home slept in eager anticipation of heaps of presents, but instead of a big traditional Christmas here in Thailand, I gave Ana an entrance ticket into a 10K […]

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loy krathong yee peng thailand

A Little Festival…The Intersection of Spirit, Beauty, and Religion

The cheerful, poppy Thai music suffusing the expansive temple yard was at odds with the swelling energy in the crowd as thousands of amber lanterns were held in firm grips, groups of friends shared a last moment amidst the frenzy making urgent, unspoken wishes. I watched in wonder as our plain white rice paper lantern, a khom […]

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monks alms giving in chiang mai

A Little Wee Guide … A Chiang Mai Best of Everything Roundup

If you’re heading to Chiang Mai, Thailand and want a handful of the best things to do in town – well, you’ve come to the right place! I offer up a selection of my favorite vegetarian eats around town. The sights you shouldn’t miss, places to stay and even some of the more popular (and […]

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