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indian man drinks chai

A Little Musing… On the Art of Cultural Immersion

Moments and anecdotes from my travels flutter into my memory at the most random of moments. I’ve talked about this feeling in the past on A Little Adrift, in my post on “How Four Years Traveling the World Changed Me,” the most seemingly odd smell or sound triggers the memory of a conversation had over […]

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Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu Nepal

A Little Travel Memory … Prayer Flags, Mantras, and Meaning

This photo makes me smile inside at the memory of the pray flags you find strung all over Nepal. From the lowest hilltops surrounding the Kathmandu Valley to the highest peaks in the Himalayas, and every important Buddhist site in between, prayer flags stretch diagonally toward the sky. I love prayer flags. I love the […]

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nepal chai story

A Little Travel Memory … Oh, The Things That Happen Over Chai

Legs crossed and boiling hot chai in hand, I sat on the floor in the back of Sunil’s shop swapping stories and chatter. Sunil’s shop was popular, and not just with the backpacker crowd haunting the cramped streets of Thamel, Kathmandu, his friends regularly popped into the shop. And as is the case with any […]

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A Little Volunteering…Continued Mentoring Years Later

Two weeks ago I was playing around on Facebook as a way to procrastinate the real work I should have been doing when a chat window popped up – from a sweet young woman I met at the orphanage in Cambodia where I volunteered more than a year and a half ago. Many of the […]

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A Little Treat…Six Sweet Eats from Around the World

Everyone has those signature dishes they’ve tried in a new country – whether it’s a local delicacy or just bizarre street eat. But what about those fun snacks and new flavors on old favorites? Delicious Snacks and Treats from Around the World Some of these are sweets, some salty. But all are portable and can […]

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Begnas Lake, Nepal

A Little Travel Memory … Peaceful During Vipassana Meditation

Begnas Lake outside of Pokhara, Nepal will forever in my memory be associated with my 10 Day Vipassana meditation class. This peaceful lake was my one source of company over the 10 days of complete silence and I stared at this lake for a full 9 days as the moody and shifty weather passed over […]

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