A Little Puttering…House Sitting in Amsterdam

Old Junker BikeI think that it’s been perhaps evident that I’ve been getting a bit worn out lately. All of the constant movement of the road is catching up with me and I am just tired and I don’t want to constantly pick up and move. The weariness is starting to show now though in some not so great ways.

After my time in Český Krumlov Cousin H and I were flying to Amsterdam out of Prague. Why flying? Well trains in Europe are expensive if you don’t book ahead…and we didn’t…mostly because we didn’t know. So instead, although flying is so very bad for the environment, it was a choice between Euro 50 for a flight or Euro 135 for a train…I figured purchasing the carbon offsets for the air trip would still make it cheaper…so I booked us both and we planned out our last few days in Czech Republic.

The day before our flight I log onto the internet to write down all of the information and lo and behold, I have booked it for the wrong day. This is why I am saying that I am just worn out and slipping. Crap. The only positive is that I booked it for one day later…thank the universe we at least didn’t miss our flight! But it did mean that I had to scramble to find us a hostel. Basically, I am just frustrated with myself for messing that up – it happened because I was looking at multiple days to find the cheapest option.Delphie the Kitty

Ho hum. That sucked. But thankfully Amsterdam was penciled in as a two-week rest-stop thanks to a sweet hookup. A friend of Helen’s teaches English at an international school in Amsterdam and was eager to use the summer holidays to head back State-side for a visit home.

The perfect opportunity presented itself: Helen and I welcomed a free place to stay and spread out  for a couple of weeks and her friend was guaranteed that that her two kitties would get a whole lot of love and affection (and food) while she was away.

The benefits of house-sitting in Amsterdam: access to her and her husband’s bicycles so that I Yummy Chilicould ride through the city feeling like a local, a well-stocked kitchen, museum card (dishonest as it was I didn’t hesitate to use hers), maps of the cities, and a personal tour of all of the best organic markets for shopping. Talk about awesome!

Wandering through the Saturday market was just precisely the boost I needed. The markets in Amsterdam are just a treat unto themselves and it was delightful to just pick out a lot of fresh fruits and veggies without worrying if there was time enough to eat it before switching hostels! I had a solid two weeks to eat the fresh local food and cook up a storm in the kitchen – something that I have sorely missed Currants and Museliout on because I eat out all of the time or cook up very basic dishes in hostel kitchens.

The juicy red currants had just come into season when I arrived and they graced my yogurt and museli daily at breakfast.A special treat upon arriving in Amsterdam? A care package from Jenn! She was appalled by how run-down some of the items I carry are (my headphones have been missing one ear bud for about four and half months…since India really) and sent a package of goodness to the house. One of the most random parts of the package? A tub of the most deliciously nasty Fritos fake nacho cheese product…that was a special little gift to appease my bizarre yearning for Taco Bell nachos…and it worked!Care Package of Love

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  1. Lisandra August 29, 2009 at 1:35 pm #

    This post made me smile… especially the part about that NASTY-yet delicious fake cheese in a can. ;)

    • Shannon August 31, 2009 at 8:30 am #

      Oh man right! How could I resist the fake cheese. It has been calling to me :-)

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