A Little Adrift

A Little Advice…Regain Your Sanity When Things Go Wrong on the Road

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These past four months in Central America have been four of the hardest “travel” months of my life. I’ve been on the road for just under 18 months at this point and Central America has thoroughly exhausted me and essentially kicked my traveling ass.

I didn’t make a secret of that fact two weeks ago when I was frustrated beyond belief, sad, overwhelmed and just bone-tired of it all. It seemed like the Universe was conspiring against me, the gods of travel were just telling me to go home.

How Could I Not Miss these Matching Cheesy Grins from my niece and nephew?!

And then you all offered up advice. Heaps of advice. And it made the entire situation more consumable – I wasn’t the only one.

So in honor of that feeling that hits all long-term travelers, I’d like to share some of the best tips that helped me get out of my funk, or at least regain some humor about the trying things that happen on the road.

Travel Advice for Weary Travelers

A big thank you to all of the comments and support when I was feeling blue – there were a lot of other great tips within the comments of the travel fatigue piece, so check them out as well if you’re looking for a way to come back to level after experiencing travel fatigue!